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MJ Systems

Website URL: Industry: Manufacturer Representative Location: La Porte, Texas

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MJ Systems is a manufacturer’s representative for the oil & gas industry in La Porte, Texas. They needed a new website to present their brands and products as well as easily update content and upload PDFs. We created a professional industrial website design with a corporate feel to enhance the user experience.

The website layout features a box aesthetic, showcasing the four important industry sectors in which users would seek products. A sidebar slides on scroll, keeping important menu and contact information on the page. A modern structure presents easy access links to manufacturer pages. Lastly, the individual product pages are laid out for optimal information digestion. The user sees a logo and description, large product images, product features, and can easily download product PDFs. Most important, these sections are all easy to update for the website owner.

Industrial Website Design Highlights

  • Professional, corporate yet modern website aesthetic
  • Important side bar information moves down with scroll
  • Easily to update project pages

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