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Sanilac County Community Foundation

Website URL: Industry: Non-Profit Organization Location: Sandusky, Michigan

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The Sanilac County Community Foundation pairs sponsors and donors with organizations and scholarship funds to assist the residents of Sanilac County, Michigan. They needed a website to highlight their funds, grants, and scholarships and make donating easy. More importantly, their objective is to build local philanthropy. As a result, we presented them with a community foundation website design that made the county proud.

We created a modern, user-friendly website. This made it simple for people and organizations to apply for grants and scholarships. In addition, the community can learn more about the funds and ways to make a difference. The billboard showcases the mission statement and visually represents a connection. The services connect the user to the section most relevant to them. The Youth Advisory Council section helps attract young student-leaders to giving. Lastly, the news and blog keep the county up-to-date on how their funds are being used.

“They took the time to hear what I needed, and then what I wanted, and married them beautifully into a aesthetically pleasing and highly functioning site.” Read More

Community Foundation Website Design Highlights:

  • Community engaging billboard with mission statement
  • Especially relevant: user friendly grants and scholarships
  • Links to donate to funds
  • Visual YAC section to engage the youth of the SCCF
  • News and blog posts